How to exorcise a priest who refused to baptise

A catholic priest in India is facing the wrath of his own church after he refused to bless baptised people, which led to the church calling a meeting and issuing an apology.

The story was first reported by the Hindu, and the priest has since gone on the record.

“The Church of St Mary in Srinagar has made the mistake of baptising people in the name of the Church of Christ in the Name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit, but the baptism is not valid and it’s a sin,” the priest, who goes by the alias of Javed, told the news portal.

“We asked for forgiveness, but we were not able to.

Our prayer was not heard,” he said.

“It was the first time that the Church has issued a statement in a matter of this kind.

The Church of Srinaggar, in which I am the priest of, has made a mistake and it was not right.””

I am extremely saddened and angry,” the man, who has not been named, said in a video posted on Facebook.

“We have prayed for forgiveness.

Our prayers are not being heard.”

The Church has already issued a formal apology, but Javed was furious at the Church’s lack of contrition and said he felt betrayed.

“I feel betrayed by the Church and its leaders,” he told the site.

“They were so open in their apologies.

They said it was their fault, but what did they do?

They could have said they were sorry for us.

They could’ve even apologised to us for baptising us and it would have been much more respectful.”‘

I thought I’d done a good deed’While some members of the church, such as the priest and the other parishioners, had been baptising in their own name, Javed did not.

“When I got the blessing, I thought it was valid.

I thought that if it was in my name, then I had done a bad deed,” he wrote on Facebook, adding that he was also “angry” about the Church “wanting to cover up the mistake”.”

It was like a big lie,” he added.”

In the name, I believed that I’d been baptised.

But it was only in my own name.

It was not true.

I was in the same room, and I knew that the baptised persons had already been baptisable, but I did not think it was so.

I’d never done that before.

I never thought of it as my baptism.”‘

It was not my intention’It has been a week since Javed posted the video on Facebook and has been shared more than 1.5 million times.

“It has not affected me in any way,” he explained.

“I thought, ‘I should get the blessing of the Holy Trinity, so I can baptise these people’.”

But when I got a phone call from the priest who was going to bless the baptisms, I was not able as I had been baptized before.

That was a sin, because I hadn’t done anything wrong.””

So the priest asked me to come to the meeting and I went to the priest.

The man claimed that the priest had told him that it was okay to baptised the baptisers, but that Javed had not told him he was doing it wrong.””

He then told me that I should not baptise anybody, and he would not baptize me, because it was wrong.”

The man claimed that the priest had told him that it was okay to baptised the baptisers, but that Javed had not told him he was doing it wrong.

“So I went and prayed again.

The priest told me, ‘It is not your intention to baptising anyone.

The Holy Trinity has said you have to baptisable people,'” he said, adding, “I did not baptised him, but he did baptised me.””

He was so angry.

He said, ‘No, you are doing a good thing.’

I said, well, I am a priest, and it is my intention to do a good act.”

Javed, who was ordained in 2001, has been called a “tough, brave, and charismatic leader” by members of his flock.

“He is a very, very tough, courageous, and charming man, and in my heart I know that I am blessed by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ,” he posted on his Facebook page.

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