‘Blue Ribbon Panel’ highlights ‘cultural, political and social issues’ in catholic church

A panel discussion entitled ‘The Cultural, Political and Social Issues of Catholic Culture’ will discuss how catholic culture affects the Catholic church and how the church can be more inclusive of all religions, catholic clergy and the broader church community.

The event will take place in the Church of the Assumption at St James Cathedral on September 18.

The panel, which will include a Catholic priest, a representative of the Catholic Bishops Conference and the Archdiocese of Melbourne, will focus on the cultural, political, social and theological dimensions of Catholic culture, according to a press release.

It is hoped that this panel will give people the opportunity to have a frank, honest and engaging conversation with the Catholic Church.

This is not a political, ideological or theological debate, it is a reflection of the way the Catholic faith is taught and practised and a reflection on how we should view the challenges of the future.

As the chair of the panel, Dr David Molloy is a senior lecturer in the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Melbourne and a fellow at the Melbourne Centre for Research in Religion.

He said the panel’s aim was to create an environment that allowed people to engage with the Church through a shared dialogue.

Dr Molloys own father, the late Father Paul MollOY, was a member of the Knights of Malta and was a senior Vatican official and a Catholic lay delegate to the United Nations.

He was also an ambassador to Ireland, a member, for more than 20 years, of the Committee on the Good Governance of the Commonwealth.

Father Paul Mottrell was a major player in the development of Catholic education, both in Australia and overseas, he said.

I think he is very influential because he is a great Catholic and also a great philosopher, a great historian, and a great theologian, he added.

Catholic clergy in the Catholic diocese of Western Australia, the state’s largest diocese, are currently preparing for a major conference on ‘Catholic culture and the future’ at the Vatican.

Catherine Gormley, from the Church in Australia’s Catholic Bodies group, said the conference would provide an opportunity for catholic and lay clergy to work together on issues such as climate change, gender equality and the environment.

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