Which is better? Catholic or Buddhist?

By default, Buddhists believe that the world is a vast and interconnected universe where all things are created by Buddha, a spiritual being who rules over the universe.

Catholics believe in a single God, the Trinity of Jesus Christ and Mary, but do not believe that there is a personal God.

But when it comes to religion, most Americans believe that Buddhism is the better of the two, according to a poll by the Pew Research Center released in October.

A majority of Buddhists say that religion is important to them, while just 27% of Catholics say the same.

The Pew survey also asked Americans how much they value religious teachings and practices in their lives.

Nearly half of Buddhistic Americans (46%) say they value these values more than their own religious beliefs.

The Buddhists are also more likely to believe that their religion teaches good and bad things, such as love, compassion and justice.

The pollsters also found that Catholics are more likely than Buddhists to be aware of the dangers of religious practices, such the use of sex outside of marriage.

Catholics are more than twice as likely as Buddhists (23%) to be very aware of sex within marriage, and Buddhists and non-Buddhist people are nearly equally likely to be more aware of this.

Catholic Americans are also less likely than Buddhist Americans to be familiar with or use contraceptives, and most of the survey’s Buddhists said they did not use contraceptives.

But there are differences in the use and use of other methods of contraception.

While Catholics are slightly more likely (39%) than Buddhistic American (23%), Buddhists use the pill more often (22%) and Catholics are twice as familiar with a condom than Buddhist Americans.

Cathists are slightly less likely to have ever used a condom (29%) than the Buddhists who say they do (42%).

Buddhists also are more accepting of using condoms in their daily lives (57% vs. 31%).

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