Shakespeare: What you need to know about the new canon

By Chris WrightESPN Staff Writer–Posted June 30, 2019 07:01:30It’s easy to forget how much of a cultural phenomenon it is, but we have a lot of things to talk about.

There’s the new Catholic Church, the canonization of the first Christian movie, the new Pope, the rise of alternative Protestantism, and the canonizations of Shakespeare and the Bible.

But let’s not forget the great Shakespearean plays, which, according to the Encyclopedia of Shakespeare, “have been a major part of popular culture since antiquity, and are now considered part of the canon of the Catholic Church.”

And then there’s the Catholic canon.

In the years after the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic bishops decided that it was important to include the works of all of the saints and religious leaders, including Jesus Christ, in the canon.

This was a monumental undertaking.

For example, a list of the plays was compiled by the Congregation of Bishops.

A list of texts that had not been included before was also compiled by bishops in the Middle Ages, including St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Catherine of Siena, Sts.

Paul and Peter.

The list of canonized texts includes some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays.

Among the new works is one called The Tempest, which was first published in 1532, but has only recently been added to the canon by Pope Francis.

The Tempest, written in 1536 by the playwright and playwright Thomas Moore, has become the first play ever to be included in the Holy Scriptures.

This is a significant accomplishment for the Catholic church.

The Tempest was written in the midst of the English Civil War, when English King Henry VII of England was in the middle of a bloody campaign to gain control of Ireland.

During the war, Moore was the lead actor in the production of Hamlet and was killed by his own brother.

He had previously written for the Shakespeare company.

But it was the impact of the Shakespearean work that was so profound, that the church decided to include it in the Church’s canon.

Now, many people might ask why the church added The Tempest to the Catholic book.

Well, in fact, The Tempest and the other plays in the Catholic library are all part of The Canon of the Church, which includes the works and sermons of Sts Peter and Paul, the Bible, and, of course, the Psalms.

The canonization and inclusion of The Tempest are significant because they are part of a wider, wider effort by the church to include all of Shakespearean works in the official canon.

That’s what Pope Francis did when he added The Canterbury Tales to the Church canon.

In recent years, the Church has also included a number of other Shakespearean classics, including the works that inspired the play Hamlet.

Pope Francis has also added The Merchant of Venice to the Canon of Scripture.

These books are also part of that canon, as are some of the more obscure works in Shakespeare’s canon, such as The Tempest.

In the last couple of decades, the church has also been adding a number, including some of his later works.

In fact, Pope Francis added a number to the Sacred Scripture canon, the works written by Sts John Baptist, St Ambrose, St Augustine, and St John Chrysostom, to which he added Sts Paul and the Gospel of Thomas, among others.

The church has been adding books from other languages to the canonical canon.

Pope Benedict XVI added the work of Russian poet Vladimir Nabokov to the sacred books canon in 2009, after he died in 2011.

And the Church added some works from Latin by the French theologian Jean-Paul Sartre to the book of the New Testament.

There is even a canon of English literature, with the work by J. R. R Tolkien added to it.

Pope Francis also added the works by Samuel Beckett, Robert Louis Stevenson, J.D. Salinger, and William Faulkner to the church’s canon of literature, in addition to some works by other writers.

Pope Benedict has also made some significant decisions to add works of popular authors, including Salman Rushdie, David Mamet, and Salman Rushanvi.

In addition, Pope Benedict has added a book from the works or ideas of the late Polish novelist and novelist Piotr Zabry, known as The Brothers Karamazov.

This book was originally published in 1979, and it is part of what the church calls the Holy Books, which are the books that contain the writings of the prophets, saints, and apostles of the faith.

This is the second canon of scripture to be added to a canon, and Pope Francis is the first to add it to the Bible canon.

And since its inclusion, the Vatican has said that it intends to add many other works from

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