How catholic churches are making a comeback

I was in Rome when I heard a voice.

It was my uncle, the priest in charge of the choir.

I thought, This guy is going to do something cool.

He was so kind.

I was very excited to go there.

A year later, I went to a church in Buenos Aires where I met this priest.

The guy was like, “We are going to start a choir.”

We went in there, and he said, “Do you know what this is going a little bit crazy?

You guys are going in a choir.

And if you want to be a priest, you’re going to have to go in the choir.”

I said, Okay, but I don’t want to go into the choir myself.

I’m going to be like, Oh my God.

He said, I am going to give you a very specific training, and it’s not going to look like a choir at all.

I don’ want to get caught in the crossfire of what you’re trying to do.

I can’t be a member of a choir and be like: Oh, my God, I have to wear a dress or something.

I need to wear some sort of costume.

So, this is what I did.

I came into the sanctuary and said, This is what it’s going to take to become a priest.

They were really nice.

I got in the uniform.

I wore the uniform with my hair pulled back, but it was not as formal as a priest would wear.

They taught me about my faith.

They gave me some books about the faith.

So I was like: OK, this will be fun.

I did a lot of studying.

But I wasn’t ready to be in a church yet.

I felt like I had been taught very little about the Church, and I was not ready to come in and learn how to do it.

So my uncle was like — and I’m not saying this to get into a feud with him — he was like my uncle is a good guy.

And he said to me, I want you to go back to the parish and join the choir again.

I said I’m really tired of being a member, and my uncle said, Well, I’m sorry, but you have to be with us, because we don’t have any more time.

I wanted to be part of the Church and go to a choir again, but they said, You’ll never make it in.

So we were like, OK, what the hell.

I really want to leave this church.

It’s been years.

But, then, this year, I got a new friend.

I met her in the city.

I’d only been to Rome once.

She was like that guy, and she was a little older than me.

She’d been there for six months.

She’s like, I know you’ve been with this church for years, but what’s the point of going there now?

And I was really curious about her.

I asked her if she’d ever been to the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

She said yes.

And then I asked if she had any questions.

And she said, Yeah, I was a missionary in the Philippines, and we had to go to the Holy Land for the Holy Mass.

And, so, I asked, Why go there?

And she says, Well because it’s my church, and now I want to join it again.

And I said to her, Why?

And that’s when I started to really get into it.

I told her, I don, I think, want to do this.

But now, I can actually do it, because it is the Church.

I want this to be my church again.

It doesn’t matter if I’m a priest or a choir member.

I just want to learn how I can get in there and be part in the Church that I love.

And this is how I’m doing it now.

I’ve got the faith now.

And what I’m trying to tell you is, I’ve seen a lot more than I ever thought I would.

But there is still so much to be done.

And that is what has changed.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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