Why Catholics are increasingly accepting of nuclear energy

An increasing number of Catholics in the United States have embraced nuclear power as an alternative to fossil fuels and a source of power to help combat climate change.

The growing acceptance of nuclear power is a significant change in attitudes that has been underway for decades, said Richard Smith, director of the Institute for Catholic Social Policy Studies at Fordham University.

“In the 1960s and 1970s, Catholics were not really thinking about nuclear energy,” Smith said.

“But now, they’re beginning to take notice.”

There’s been a shift, and there’s a lot of good that has come out of that,” Smith added.

Smith said that while the majority of Catholics continue to oppose nuclear energy, they are increasingly welcoming of the technology and are looking forward to using it as a source to supply power to their homes and businesses.

The Catholic Church has long had a history of opposing nuclear energy because of its harmful effects on the environment.

The church has repeatedly argued that nuclear energy will cause climate change and will lead to nuclear waste, and that it will eventually lead to the destruction of the environment, including by causing a pandemic.

But the church has also emphasized that nuclear power has been used safely by Catholics, including when it was operating in the aftermath of World War II, Smith said, adding that there have been no reports of any accidents related to the use of nuclear weapons in the U.S. over the last 40 years.

A new poll released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center shows that nearly three-quarters of Americans believe that nuclear weapons are a good way to protect society against a possible nuclear war.

“They’re also more likely to be in favor of the use and the efficiency of nuclear arms. “

Catholics are also a big supporter of using the nuclear force in the defense of human rights,” Smith noted.

“They’re also more likely to be in favor of the use and the efficiency of nuclear arms.

Catholics are much more pro-choice than Protestants.

But I think there’s still a lot more work to be done to get Catholics more involved in public policy debates.”

In addition to the poll, Pew also released a new survey that surveyed Catholics on their attitudes toward nuclear power, including their views on the issue of nuclear waste disposal.

More than half of the Catholics surveyed said they support the disposal of nuclear wastes.

In addition, nearly three quarters of Catholics said they believe the use or the development of nuclear technology is the best way to reduce the risk of global warming.

More Catholics support nuclear power than Protestants, although Catholics tend to be more conservative on this issue than Protestants are.

“Catholic Americans are much less likely than Protestants to believe nuclear energy is a good thing for society,” Smith wrote.

“More than half (54%) of Catholics do not support nuclear energy being used in the global defense of humankind.

But this share has steadily increased since the 1970s.

Catholics who believe that the use, development, and use of the nuclear energy industry is a bad idea are much, much more likely than other Catholics to oppose the use.

The more Catholic a person is, the more likely he or she is to support nuclear waste.

Catholics tend not to support it, and Catholics who do support it are more likely (59%) than Protestants who do not to oppose using nuclear energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

The Pew survey found that about one in five Catholics believe that humans are the primary cause of global climate change, and about one-in-five Catholics (18%) believe humans contribute more than 50% of the carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming, the Pew survey said.

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