‘I want a Christian world’: How to make a living in an increasingly secular world, according to Christian banker and investor Peter Sutherland

A Christian banker is making his mark on the financial world with an unusual business.

Peter Sutherland, the founder and chief executive of the financial services firm Credit Suisse, started out as a religious fundamentalist.

His first job was as a pastor at a Baptist church in Germany.

But the more he studied the Bible, the more troubled he became about its theology and the more conflicted he became, Sutherland says.

In the 1980s, Sutherland started the Credit Suise business as a way of supporting Christians and supporting other Christians.

He saw his first profit opportunity, when a German bank wanted to buy shares in his bank.

The bank was looking for investment ideas for a new building and Sutherland was asked to take part.

He went out and sold all of the shares in the bank for a profit, Sutherland recalls.

The investment went ahead, but Sutherland realised that the bank had no idea how to run the business and it was hard for them to attract new customers.

So in the early 2000s he started a small Christian-run business that did business in Christian-dominated areas of the world.

Now, Sutherland has invested in several companies, including the company that builds homes for refugees in a refugee camp in Thailand, and the company which manages the funds of a Christian charity.

He is the founder of Christian Credit Suises and is the chairman of Credit Suis Credit.

He also chairs the board of Christian Bankers and invests in Christian companies.

His Christian business, Sutherland believes, is more profitable than any other.

He says he is not worried about the growth of secularism, but thinks that it will cause problems for the traditional faith.

I am concerned that secularism has become so powerful that the traditional Christian faith is being diminished.

Sutherland says his Christian business is a way to support his faith, and to attract Christian customers.

Christian Bankers is not a traditional bank.

It is a Christian bank that uses the same principles of investing and saving as traditional banks.

But there are differences.

Christian Credit Suys aim is to help Christian businesses thrive in the 21st century, as well as to help the poor.

This is in contrast to the banks that are dominated by the global finance industry, Sutherland argues.

He says that the secularisation of the economy will also make the traditional banks obsolete.

“The secularisation is going to be a disaster for Christianity,” he says.

“I think the way to go about it is to look for ways to help Christians.”

There is no shortage of opportunities to make money, says Sutherland, who is also the CEO of Christian Asset Management.

There are several banks that will allow you to use the money to make your own investments, he says, but it is not as easy as it was 10 years ago.

The bank has been working to increase the number of Christian businesses, and he believes that it has a bright future.

The financial crisis was very difficult, but we are able to take advantage of the opportunities that are available.

He has been helping Christian businesses since he left Germany and he has a good understanding of the needs of the refugees.

He thinks that the Christian economy can take a big leap forward.

Christian banks are not only doing a good job of lending, he believes, they are doing a great job of providing financial support to their customers.

In some countries the Christian community has become more influential, and in some countries, the financial industry has been more influential.

In the past, it was very hard to find a bank that was going to help you in this way, he said.

I have a lot of faith in the Christian faith, so I am trying to find my way there.

But he is a sceptical Christian and he says he thinks that secularisation will cause the traditional institutions to crumble.

Christian Banking is not trying to convert the traditional financial institutions.

It is not even trying to change their culture.

Christian Banks is simply doing what it has always done and doing it better, he insists.

Christian Banks has over 200 branches around the world, Sutherland estimates, and employs over 300 people.

He sees the Christian Banking business model as a model that can be applied to other financial businesses.

He also believes that the role of traditional institutions will continue to grow.

I think it is a good business model.

The traditional institutions are going to die out, Sutherland points out.

The business model is not going to go away.

But it will become less of a traditional one.

Cristian Sutherland, founder and CEO of Credit S.ie, is a director of Christian Savings Bank.

He has also been a director and investor in the Financial Services Association of Singapore, which is a member of the Association of Christian Financial Institutions.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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