How to keep a catholic culture intact in the wake of the Orlando shooting

After a mass shooting in Orlando, Fla., left 50 dead and dozens injured, the U.S. Catholic Church has begun to take on a catholically sensitive tone.

The archdiocese of Los Angeles is holding a series of events this weekend to celebrate the victims’ families.

But the Catholic Church itself has also been hit with criticism of its stances on social justice and other controversial issues, including its stance on abortion.

Here’s what you need to know about the topic.

(Published Thursday, Sept. 9, 2018) “Our Church is a place of love and compassion and compassion for people of all faiths,” Archbishop Donald Wuerl said in a statement.

“We should never be ashamed of our differences and our differences should never take a backseat to the love and love for which we are called.”

The archbishop was responding to a series on NBC’s “Meet the Press” where NBC host Chuck Todd pressed him on the church’s position on abortion and abortion rights.

The bishops statement did not address abortion, and instead addressed a series in which he called the church a “Christian community.”

Todd said the archbishop’s statement was an important step for the church to “reject the use of the term ‘abortion.'”

But it was a response that could have a broader impact on the Catholic community as a whole.

Todd said he believes that the archdioceses statement was not an effective strategy to “cancel out” the social justice agenda the church had been promoting for decades.

“The archbishop is trying to erase the Catholic identity,” Todd said.

“What the church is saying is that it’s not going to have a social justice conversation, it’s going to be about abortion.

The church is trying not to say anything positive about the LGBT community.”

The church’s statement comes at a time when social justice issues are rising across the U

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