Which gender is more likely to be called a feminist?: Science vs. Catholicism

The following article was originally published on FourFourSecond.com and has been republished here with permission. 

I have never been a huge fan of either science or catholicity, but I can understand why many would like to see them removed. 

Both of these ideologies are inextricably tied to male dominance in society, both are patriarchal and both are heavily reliant on the church. 

So what’s going on here? 

First of all, these are the same ideologies that led to the rise of feminism in the first place. 

In both cases, the goal of both ideologies is to separate men from women and thus, to make it impossible for women to be in positions of power. 

The reason why women are always blamed for these ills is because of a lack of women. 

It’s the same reason why men are always said to be inherently superior to women.

This is a point that has been repeated over and over again by the media and the general public. 

But feminists and anti-feminists also believe that women can’t be feminists because they lack the desire to be a part of the system. 

And it’s a myth. 

There are countless instances where women have been outspoken about how they feel they are not being listened to, or how they have felt ignored. 

Many of these women are not even in the same field as men who have similar beliefs and are outspoken about the issues they are concerned with. 

A recent study published in Science found that men who believe women should be “more vocal and outspoken” have higher levels of confidence than those who believe that men should be more “cautious” and “responsible”. 

These same traits are also found in women who feel less safe in their communities and in the workplace. 

This isn’t just a women’s issue either, it’s an issue for men too. 

Men who believe in equality and respect are more likely than those who don’t believe they are treated equally or equally, to be victims of sexual harassment and assault. 

That’s because these men are the ones being blamed for their actions. 

Because they believe women are inherently less capable than men, they are more prone to violence. 

They are also more likely in their personal lives to engage in sexual behaviour that puts women in a precarious position. 

All of this is not to say that women aren’t victims of violence, but that it’s much more likely for them to be victims of violence in society. 

For instance, in 2016, a study found that women were more likely to experience sexual harassment, assault and stalking in their personal lives than men. 

However, a survey conducted in the UK found that, compared to men, women were far more likely of having experienced sexual harassment and sexual assault in their private lives. 

Not only that, but the research also found that male victims of sexual harassment and assault were also more likely to experience physical and verbal abuse, compared with female victims. 

These statistics speak to a very real issue in our society, which is that the idea that women are more vulnerable in our communities than men is simply not true. 

Unfortunately, the media is often referred to as the “bully pulpit” of the western world, so it is easy to overlook this reality. 

Instead, it is common to see men who are critical of women being criticised for being men, or even for having a different opinion about the issue. 

Perhaps it’s time to step back and see the bigger picture. What does science actually say about the issues facing women and their experiences of gender? 

Science has a clear understanding of the relationship between gender and behaviour and behaviour is more likely to be beneficial to women.

And while it is important to note that it’s not only men who experience these issues, but also people of all genders and all sexes. 

To find out what science really say, let’s take a look at some of the facts. 


Cases of sexual violence against women are on the rise. 

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were 1,737 reported sexual violence incidents against women in Australia in 2016. 

One in five women will experience a sexual violence incident in their lifetime. 

Women in Australia are more at risk of being raped and raped than men and more than any other age group in the country. 

Research also shows that women experience a significant number of sexual offences against their

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