What Catholics should know about the Catholic Church’s views on infertility

Catholics are taught that abortion is immoral and that the only way to get a pregnancy to stop is to use contraception.

But that doesn’t mean that contraception is always the best or only option, especially in times of high pregnancy rates.

What do Catholics believe about the use of abortion and contraception?

There are three major views of the use and use of contraception: 1.

The Catholic Church opposes contraception.

The Church teaches that abortion and contraceptives are against the law and that those who use them are to be punished.

However, Catholics have a variety of opinions on this.

Some bishops and lay leaders, like Pope Francis, use the term “morality,” while others prefer the term moral ambiguity.

Some theologians consider this ambiguity to be the difference between the correct and the wrong answer.

This ambiguity is sometimes called the moral ambiguity of birth control, because it is the difference, in the mind of the theologians, between what is “morally right” and what is morally wrong.

Catholics are also taught that the use or abuse of contraceptives is a grave sin, even though they believe that abortion, and other forms of contraception, are morally acceptable.


The Roman Catholic Church is pro-choice.

The most common and consistent position of the Catholic faithful is that contraception should be available to all who want it, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

This position is often called the “pro-choice” position.

However it differs from the pro-abortive position, which is generally based on the notion that contraception must be available in order to prevent abortion.

Catholics often consider this position to be morally neutral, even if they disagree on the definition of “abortion.”

In this position, abortion is never justified.

In fact, Catholics often believe that “abortion is wrong, no matter what,” and that contraception can only be used to prevent the death of a living human being.


The Traditionalist Catholic Church (TRC) is pro and against contraception.

Catholics who identify as Traditionalists are more likely to be pro-abortion than are those who identify with the Catholic faith, and this is reflected in their attitudes toward abortion.

This difference between traditionalists and the Catholic hierarchy is not just an issue of sexual orientation, as some Traditionalists believe that it should be illegal to use a condom or contraceptive, and therefore that they believe it is morally acceptable to kill a human being with an illegal abortion.

The TRC believes that the death penalty is a necessary punishment for those who kill people, and it is also against the Catholic doctrine of justification by faith alone.

Catholic priests are trained in the Catholic tradition in which abortion was prohibited, and many are also trained in Catholic doctrine in which contraception is considered sinful and should be used only when the pregnancy is very likely to result in death.

Catholics tend to agree that the Catholic teaching on abortion is consistent with the doctrine of human dignity, and that there are no moral issues that cannot be addressed through the Church’s teachings on contraception and abortion.

A Catholic’s views about the legal status of contraception and abortions are not the same as their views on the morality of abortion.

What does this mean for the future?

Catholics who want to know more about the issue of contraception should read Catholic Answers’ article on abortion, contraception, and sexuality.

How can I find out more about this topic?

If you would like to learn more about contraception and its legal status, we recommend that you visit Catholic Answers.

This article is based on a report by Associated Press, which receives support from the Catholic Charities Network.

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