Why Buddhism is more inclusive than Christianity

Buddhism is a spiritual path that aims to give you the most happiness, bliss, peace, prosperity, and health imaginable.

But like all spiritual paths, it can also be a bit of a roadblock.

In fact, one of the main reasons why Buddhism is so widely embraced is because it has a lot of similarities to the other two spiritual paths—catholicism and shamanism.

And while many Buddhists are comfortable embracing both, Buddhism is often criticized for being a lot more inclusive.

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, people who identify as Buddhist in America have more in common with their Buddhist neighbors than they do with those who identify with other faiths.

In a new study, Pew asked 2,071 Americans to list their spiritual beliefs, and then compared their answers to the answers of 1,811 Americans who identify to be Protestant, Jewish, or Catholic.

The researchers found that people who identified as Buddhists had more in depth connections to other people in the U.S. than their religious peers, including religious people, people of color, and people who self-identified as atheists or agnostics.

For instance, a majority of people who said they were Buddhist (57 percent) reported having friends who were Buddhist or who were Buddhists, compared to 53 percent of people identifying as Protestant, 59 percent of Jews, and 66 percent of Catholics.

People who identify in terms of being religious or spiritual, such as Buddhist monks, have the highest levels of religious belonging, while people who don’t have any spiritual or religious affiliation had the lowest levels.

According the study, Buddhists who identify themselves as “spiritual” (or “spirituality without religion”) are more likely to be “spiritually affiliated,” meaning that they believe in a spiritual teacher or tradition.

This group is a relatively small subset of Buddhists in the United States, with about 1 percent of Buddhistic Americans reporting that they are religious.

However, the study found that Buddhists with no spiritual affiliation have the lowest religious affiliation of all groups, with only 11 percent of Buddhist Americans saying they were spiritually affiliated, compared with 17 percent of those who are spiritual.

This finding seems to echo the results of the Pew study, which found that atheists and agnostics had the highest spiritual belonging levels, while Buddhists and nonbelievers had the second highest levels.

In a statement released by Pew, the American Humanist Association, the National Association of Evangelicals, and the National Buddhist Association called on American Buddhists to “join together and celebrate our spiritual tradition and all of our diverse cultural traditions in the public square.”

While there are plenty of parallels between Buddhism and Christianity, many Buddhisms followers are also more welcoming of people of different religious backgrounds, including people who have been in the religion for decades.

For instance, Buddhism allows for a wide range of different beliefs, including the belief that a single, holy entity exists, a belief that many religions are false, and many of the world’s major religions, including Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and Hinduism, all have different views of deity.

“We have the ability to live together as a diverse community and to love each other regardless of our beliefs, practices, or religious traditions,” the Association of Buddhist Colleges and Schools said in a statement.

“Buddhism encourages acceptance of others regardless of their faith and faith communities.

We embrace the power of diversity to build a world of peace and harmony, which is what our schools are focused on all the time.”

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