Why the Hinduism of the West Is Dead

Why is the Hindu faith dying?

It’s no secret that the western world has long been struggling with its own problems and insecurities.

From the rise of fascism to the rise to power of the alt-right, it’s been a difficult time for all.

And yet, for all the struggles and struggles for the future of this world, the Hindu religion has found a way to survive.

In India, it has become a very powerful force, and it’s also a very influential one.

The Hindu tradition is so much a part of Indian culture that the term “Hinduism” has become almost synonymous with the religion, as if to say “It’s here, it can do what we do.”

This is a truth that is often lost in our modern times, but is something we should not forget.

The story of Hinduism goes all the way back to the Vedic era.

Even in ancient times, it was considered a sacred tradition and the first Vedic texts were written in Sanskrit.

Even as modern times became a time of political turmoil and political unrest, the Indian tradition survived.

It has been in constant flux over the centuries, but has remained a part and is still at the forefront of our modern world.

Hinduism has survived, and the Hindu world is still here.

And so it’s with pride that we have celebrated its 75th anniversary.

For Hinduism, 75 years has been a significant milestone in its history, and we can take solace in the fact that it has survived so long.

The truth of the matter is, the modern world has been changing rapidly.

As we’ve witnessed a dramatic increase in economic inequality and a globalised economy, it is only a matter of time before we find ourselves in a position where we no longer have the same opportunities for success as we once had.

Hindu communities across the world have been experiencing this change, and they are adapting and adapting to their new conditions.

In recent years, we’ve seen an explosion in the number of temples and temples have been built across the globe, and this has allowed Hindus to build a community in their own country and in their homeland.

This has been especially important in India, where many of the country’s most iconic landmarks are temples.

In many of these temples, we have seen temples for women as well as men, for whom the traditional role of a temple was as a place of worship and for the celebration of life.

For centuries, this has meant that temples were places of refuge for the people who were being persecuted.

In times of crisis, Hindu temples are a haven for those who were unable to go to the temples in their native land.

It is not surprising then that the Hindu community has always adapted to these new circumstances, as well.

The history of the Hindu nation is a history of sacrifice, and Hinduism is no exception.

From its very beginning, the religion has sought to spread its faith and to give back to its people.

Hindu temples have always stood in solidarity with their community and the people in their midst.

As the ancient texts suggest, Hinduism was built to provide refuge for those in need.

For millennia, the tradition has always been about bringing together people who share the same beliefs, values and principles to overcome the obstacles that come our way.

As a nation, Hinduists have always been at the front of the struggle for social justice and equality.

Our faith has always made us a people of peace, equality and mutual understanding, which we are now experiencing in the global world.

And in the past century, Hindu history has changed.

We are no longer a nation divided, but a nation united, which is the only way to solve our problems and achieve our goals.

Today, we celebrate our 75th Anniversary of our religion and its contribution to our civilization.

In the last two decades, we see the rise and popularity of Hindu nationalist ideologies and movements in India.

For many, Hindu nationalism has become the most prominent and visible political ideology in the country.

But there are many other movements that have taken root in India and have also played a major role in shaping the national psyche and identity.

Hindu nationalists have always had a large and varied following, but they have been at a loss as to how to tackle the root causes of their own success.

What is Hindu nationalism?

Hindu nationalism is an umbrella term that encompasses all of the ideas and ideals that define the Hindu philosophy, religion and culture.

While Hindu nationalism can be defined in several different ways, it all boils down to the belief that India is the cradle of all humankind.

The belief that the whole world is one people is a cornerstone of Hindu nationalism.

This belief has been the basis of the belief in one god, Vishnu, and his incarnation of Vishnu-Krishna.

The followers of Hindu ideology also hold that India has been blessed by the presence of God, and is thus endowed with unique spiritual qualities and a unique moral code.

The idea of

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