Catholic and Catholic faith leaders are united in support of the Colorado abortion law

Catholic and Christian leaders from across the political spectrum are united on abortion rights.

The two largest pro-choice groups in the country — Planned Parenthood and Catholics United — are also on board.

They announced Thursday that they support the state’s new abortion restrictions.

The announcement came a day after a group of anti-abortion activists gathered in Colorado Springs to show support for the new abortion laws, according to the Associated Press.

The rally drew a small crowd, which included about 10 people who carried signs that read, “We will not let this happen.”

The activists also met with the leaders of Planned Parenthood, the Colorado Springs chapter of the national organization that supports abortion rights, and the Catholic Archdiocese of Denver.

The leaders are expected to hold a news conference in the coming days.

In a statement, Planned Parenthood said, “Planned Parenthood Colorado has a long history of protecting and serving women in the state.

We are confident that our leaders and allies are united with Planned Parenthood in the fight for women’s health.”

Catholics United said, in a statement: “We join with Planned PP in calling for the repeal of the current Colorado law.

The law is an assault on women’s reproductive rights and has no place in the modern age of social and economic change.

We urge the legislature to reject this harmful law and instead work to provide safe, legal abortion access to women across the state.”

The Catholic Archbishops of Colorado, the state-based Catholic bishops that represent Colorado, Colorado Springs, Aurora and Littleton, also issued a joint statement in support.

The statement said, “[The law] would deny a woman in her most vulnerable moment the right to choose.

We hope that the legislature will take this issue seriously and repeal it before it becomes law.”

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