What will this mean for Catholics?

The Vatican’s chief of staff, Archbishop Angelo Becciu, is calling for Catholics to abandon the Catholic Church, and is warning that the institution of marriage and the institution’s sacraments will be destroyed.

In a series of tweets, Becci said the Catholic church must “stop fighting the church” and stop “calling the shots” of the family.

In the tweet, he said the church must begin to “reclaim the role of the church as the guardian of the life and love of the person who is entrusted to it by God.”

He said that the church should take “a more open approach” to the issue of abortion.

The pope also called on Catholics to “take back control” of their lives.

“Let’s return to the sacramental life, to the dignity of the human person, to love of one another and a true community of brothers and sisters,” he said.

In his first tweet since taking office, Beccaiu said he wants to “undertake a reformation of the Catholic doctrine of marriage,” which is “totally incompatible” with his vision of the Church.

“If the Church remains silent about abortion, then it has the moral obligation to stop fighting the Church,” he wrote.

“There is no place for the Church to speak on a subject that does not concern its own membership.

That is not to say that the Church cannot speak on other matters of great importance, such as the role that women have in society and the way they contribute to the family, but its position on abortion must be independent of its membership.”

Pope Francis’ first public comments on the issue came after he met with two bishops and two priests.

In their first public remarks on the subject, Francis called the Church’s approach “unacceptable” and said that “marriage is the union of a man and a woman.”

He also warned that the practice of contraception would not go away unless the Catholic churches “reclaimed their place in society.”

In his Twitter address, Beccii said that he wants the Catholic world to “return to the role the Church played for centuries” in protecting “the life and health of its members.”

“The Church cannot stand idle,” he tweeted.

Beccui, in his first public statement since taking over as the Vatican’s top official in January, said that Catholics must “receive the truth that marriage is not an institution created for procreation but a union of love between one man and one woman, of a mother and a child, for life.”

The tweet came after Beccu said he was calling for “a new way of thinking and of living” in the Vatican, as part of a broader initiative called “Reform of the Family.”

He told the AP he was working on a “positive vision for the future of the Vatican” and wanted to “move forward with a new vision of life and family, with a renewed openness to others and to the world.”

Beccio said he is “concerned about the erosion of the dignity and rights of the poor, especially those with disabilities, people with disabilities and those who live in extreme poverty.”

He added that he was concerned that “the loss of these values” could lead to “an erosion of our society.”

Francis’ speech to the AP came as Pope Francis is trying to build a coalition of Catholics to defeat a major effort to change church doctrine on abortion and same-sex marriage.

The Pope’s first official speech on the matter was in 2015, when he said that his desire to be a “saint, father and brother” was the same as his desire “to be a father and a husband.”

But Francis said at the time that his approach was “not one of the fatherly or husbandly” and that “I would rather be the son of a saint than the son and the husband of a woman” and “I will remain a father if the need arises.”

Francis said the “sacredness” of marriage is also a matter of “religious truth” and will not change unless the Church “recognizes” the “real and eternal truth” of human sexuality.

He said he will “not hesitate” to call for “the change of the definition of marriage, as we know it today.”

He reiterated that position this week, calling for the church to change its teaching on the institution, which “is in conflict with the teachings of the Holy See.”

“In my own life, I am not a follower of the traditional definition of a husband or a wife, but I am a follower that marriage and its sacramentals are sacred and that they are not merely a function of reproduction,” he told the Associated Press in his remarks.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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