How to get your own church

A Christian church is being urged to change its name to catholic in order to appeal to the growing numbers of Muslim-Americans, who are increasingly identifying with the country’s Muslim communities.

The move to convert a church in North Carolina to catholics is the latest in a series of moves by Christian groups to appeal for converts among Muslim-American voters.

For example, a Christian group, the United States Institute of Peace, has been advocating for more Muslims in government, saying in a recent op-ed that the government has failed to provide for Muslims and should work toward more diversity.

“When Muslims are able to join a community in the United State, they are empowered, they feel safe, and they feel like part of America,” said UPI executive director David Green.

But it’s not just the churches and synagogues that are taking notice of the trend.

Bishop of the New Hampshire Synagogue, Bishop Thomas S. Schuster, has written a letter to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, urging them to consider changing the name of the United Synagogue of Christ in Concord, N.H., from the Episcopal Church.

The denomination has been moving away from the name, which was introduced in 1872, for a variety of reasons, including the influence of European colonial powers.

Schuster also said that the United Church of Christ is no longer the “largest denomination in America” because it has moved to embrace other faiths.

In a letter published by the National Catholic Reporter, he called on the Episcopal church to change the name to reflect the diverse ethnic communities of its members.

And a Catholic group, St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, recently asked the Episcopal Diocese of New York to reconsider its name change. “

The Episcopal Church should not be the first institution to change it’s name.”

And a Catholic group, St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, recently asked the Episcopal Diocese of New York to reconsider its name change.

It’s a move that comes amid the growing trend of interfaith partnerships between Christian and Muslim organizations.

According to the Pew Research Center, about 30 percent of the population identifies as Hispanic, with another 23 percent identifying as African American, Asian American, Native American, and Pacific Islander.

Christian groups are seeking converts among the growing number of Muslim voters, who have expressed support for Donald Trump, and who often refer to him as “Daddy.”

Trump has said he wants to ban Muslim immigration, but has also said he doesn’t care about the religion.

A Pew survey last year found that 70 percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of Islam.

Many of these groups have started changing their names, too.

One of the largest names for the American Society for Missionary Service, the largest Christian missionary organization, is now called the Missionary Society of Christ, the Washington Post reported.

This change comes amid a growing recognition that Islam is changing the way people think about religion and the way that they live their lives, according to the Rev. Charles C. Dolan, pastor of First Baptist Church of Columbia, South Carolina.

Dolan, who is also president of the Southern Baptist Convention, said that while he is “not one of the people that is changing it,” he does think it’s important for the church to get back to its roots and become more welcoming to those who are not Christian.

“We need to bring the church back to what we’ve always been,” he said.

“We’re not going to go back to being the church that was founded by John Calvin.

We’re going to bring it back to the Christian gospel.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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