Whatsapp Set to Add Another Amazing Features

Whatsapp Logo
Whatsapp Logo

It’s no more news that Whatsapp Messenger will be shutting its service down on some selective device at the end of this month.

Whatsapp has also launch some interesting features too, one of this feature is the recently, video calling capability that was launched for all users in November. This helped to make a buzz around the globe, as it has been made use of by 55.6% of the world population.

This upgrade was made available to all supported phones, including those running on iOS, Windows, and also Android. Though the users will need to update the application to get this new feature.

Whatsapp is planing to add another interesting feature before 2016 will end. Whatsapp is planing to make it possible for people retract messages that has already been sent. It might have taken the idea from the best feature launched on Gmail, which is taking back sent emails.

This new update from Whatsapp will give people control over their chatting experience.