PDP Hails Buhari and Nigeria Army Over Boko Haram Defeat

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Caretaker committee has Commend the defeat of the Boko Haram by Nigeria Army has a great milestone in the fight against insurgency in the Nigeria.

In a statement signed by the Party spokesman, Dayo Adeyeye, the party, however, pointed out that the success achieved was a resulted of the strong foundation laid by the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

The statement stated that the boost recorded by the war against insurgents was what made it possible for the 2015 general elections to hold in those war-ravaged parts of the North Eastern parts of the country.

The PDP also stated that the clearing of the Sambisa forest is a critical milestone but not the
end of the war against the insurgency.

It urged the Federal Government and the military to not rest on their oars until the entire North East is rid completely of them.”

“Beyond Sambisa all the other forests which criminals used as hideouts and bases must equally be cleared by the military. Forests such as Birnin Gwari, Zamfara, Southern Kaduna, Enugu and Benue have become killing fields. They must all be cleared of criminal elements.” The statement added.

The party said: “We congratulate Nigerians for this important milestone in the long and bitter struggle against the forces of evil that have wreaked so much suffering and hardship on our people in the last few years.

“We also congratulate the President for his dogged pursuit of the war against the insurgency. We are happy that he has built on the efforts of his predecessors. Whatever we are witnessing now is as a result of all the efforts and sacrifices of the past and present.

“Nigerians and the international community will recall that the war effort received a major boost in the weeks leading up to the 2015 general elections. The insurgents were virtually annihilated – a feat that made it possible for elections to hold peacefully in almost all the Local Government Areas of all the states in the North East last year. We are therefore very much delighted with the continuation of this great effort by the President.”

“We salute the men and women of our beloved armed forces. Their courage, determination and sacrifice made this achievement possible. The men and women of the Nigerian armed forces have served and continue to serve with distinction in many peacekeeping operations all over the world. We salute them for fighting with great courage to keep the peace in their own Country.

“We also thank the international community for their support and encouragement particularly, those countries that have helped in the procurement of critical military hardware.