Buhari’s Cabinet is Like Fuji House of Commotion – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri Blast Buhari's Cabinet
Reno Omokri Blast Buhari's Cabinet

Former President Goodluck Jonathan Special Assistant,  Reno Omokri, Monday Describe Buhari’s Cabinet as something similar to the Nigeria popular comedy drama series “Fuji House of Commotion.”

In His Tweet he said “the Buhari’s administration is not intelligent enough to rescue Nigeria from the recent economic crisis.”

He said the reason for the recent economic woes is not because of the global fall in oil price but because the present administration lacks the acumen needed to run a country.

Read his Statement:

“President Buhari’s cabinet and Fuji House of Commotion certainly have more than a few things in common! It is no surprise that Nigeria is so broke and suffering from recession under this educationally challenged government. How can a nation earn money when we have a government that refuses to learn? It is not a coincidence that KNOWLEDGE and IGNORANCE both have 9 letters and RICH and POOR both have 4 letters. We are poor not because the price of oil has fallen. No. We are poor because the intelligence of our leaders has fallen”