Help! Cameroon Pepper Got Into Her (18+)


There is this lady I had been scheming to pound but all my efforts to lure her to my lion’s den proved abortive. There was a time I got drenched by heavy rain and then angrily trekked home after spending all my cash on her and had no money for transport to go back home. She said she can’t date me because I am a randy person and the only condition that would make her change her mind is if I can prove that I am a changed person. So I started going to her church, read bible with her, I started wearing sleeves and all that but she still refused to give me her pussy. You might be wondering what is inside the girl that got me so hooked? You won’t understand… her hip, carriage, aura, boobies… gosh, very unique chick. I really suffered for that girl o.

Then it occurred to me that she’s taking me for granted because she thinks that I can’t do without her. So I gradually begin to keep distance from her, stopped going to her church and only call her once when the moon is blue. The strategy worked. She soon started barraging my phone with calls and text messages that she wants to see me or talk with me. Trust me nau, I gave her one excuse or the other why I can’t go to her side… sniffsshey she will pay my transport fare abi? The more she called; the more excuses I gave her. Then one Sunday, she sent me a very angry text message for not going to her church; she is right that I just wanted to chop her and go; that I am not a trust worthy person. Okay nau… I knew it was time to try fish her again. Since she has now realized that I can do without her, she’ll learn to appreciate me.

The next Tuesday evening, I decided to visit her. I dress up like a Jehovah Witness (no offense meant) and took a cab to her area. I knocked the door, nobody answered. I gently opened the door and peeped in. I saw her sleeping on the bed with short mini skirt and spaghetti top. Her back was facing me o. I tip toe entered the room hoping to surprise her. I sat beside her and gently rubbed her arm. Alas, it wasn’t her but her friend. The friend isn’t fine anyway. Her breasts looked saggy in the spaghetti top. I ask her where my crush is, she said she went to church. I said okay and begin to scope her laps while thinking whether I should try my luck to sweet talk the friend or not. I reasoned that if I try anything randy, she could tell my crush and that would mean kissing all my labor bye bye. So I got up and told her I’m leaving.

I didn’t get any call from my crush so I was somehow worried. In the evening the next day, I heard a knock on my door. As I opened the door, she was standing right there, beautiful lady with permed hair, oval face, full boobs and hip. I wanted to grab and kiss her. How I managed to keep my cool was a miracle. She entered my lion’s den and told me to sit. She removed a piece of paper from her bag and began to read out my ‘sins’ to me. I knew she is just exhibiting initial  shakara. As a gentleman, I first apologized profusely for my so called sins.

Then I turned the table back at her. I began to reel out all the services I had done for her that she didn’t show appreciation for… told her that at a point, I got discouraged and began to think I was disturbing her, that’s why I decided to give her some space. She ask why I didn’t tell her all these before… me too asked her why she didn’t tell me about my ‘sins’ before.  She said we should learn to communicate out displeasure to each other more often… I said okay o, that I am thirsty and she should gimme boobie to suck in order to quench my taste… she asked if her breasts resembles water dispenser… I just sat quietly starring at her all over in awe. That babe’s got swag and beauty mehn…

Then she got up and said she is going home. My head rang…. What?! When did I begin to behave so dull and bland?  Bush meat strolled into my den and I sit looking at it like a moron. I made up my mind that I must chop the babe that night whether she likes it or not. So I followed her o… told her we could go to one fast food restaurant go eat dinner. Sometimes I used to knock myself for being generous when it comes to taking ladies out but I wasn’t thinking about money at the time.

As we were eating, I begin to tell her sweet nonsense. All the while, she just giggled and flashed her eyelids at me. After eating, she said she want to eat barbecued beef. We went to one suya mallam stand. She ordered plenty suya and told tell the mallam to sprinkle it generously with plenty Cameroon pepper because she likes to eat pepper. In my mind, I thought… this girl want to eat all the suya alone, right? Isn’t Cameroon pepper, chilli pepper and other pepper all the same and only difference is that Cameroon pepper has darker color? No wahala… I will show her that I can eat pepper too.

When we got to her place, she put on the TV and selected one station showing those useless Malaysia romance soaps. I pretended as if I like the film too. She opened the suya and requested that we compete to see who would eat more of the Cameroon pepper laced suya. I said okay, let’s go there! I picked three pieces of meat and tossed them into my mouth. Oh boy eh, my tongue caught fire instantly! I sprang up and rushed to the fridge for cold water. The babe laughed so hard. I just wore an indifferent face and told her I was only thirsty. She got up and changed into a night gown right in front of me and then switched off the light, sat beside me and rest her head on my shoulder. Oh man, see green light…!

I would run my hand through the suya, shake the pepper off the meat and then eat it slowly. When I couldn’t take the torment in my mouth any more, I told her she has won and I’ve had enough. The babe laughed so hard again that she shed tears. Who wants to die atop Cameroon pepper? I subtly put my hand on her fresh lap begin to caress her. The babe suddenly became silent and closed her eyes. Gosh, I’ve hit jackpot! I didn’t waste any time. I shifted the night wear up to her hip and sent my hand to explore her pussy. The babe wasn’t wearing any restrictive clothing down below. I was seriously turned on. She shifted her legs apart to give me more room to explore her wonderland. Trust me nau, I begin rob and massage her pussy knob and later inserted two fingers into her marshes. She begin moan o… and the moans encouraged me to rub her faster and harder. Soon, I started hearing aahh… eehh…aahh… oohh…

Suddenly, she sat up and starred hard at me with red eyes like a gorilla whose territory had been infringed upon. Then she closed her eyes and let out another aaaasshhhh….! I instantly knew something was wrong. I asked her what is the problem? She asked me if I washed my hands before I began to finger her. I now realized that all the Cameroon pepper that had struck to my fingers and nails are now inside her pussy. Honestly, I was dumbfounded. What should I tell her now? I just sat down looking like a sheep. She scattered her hair, slapped her thighs frantically and started to cry. As I tried to comfort her, she angrily slapped my back and shouted at me to gerrout of her house. In fact, she dragged me out and slammed door on my face.

Gosh, my village witches must be at work again. Can you imagine how all my efforts just got wasted because of Cameroon pepper? Is this how that beautiful fish is going to swim through my basket trap? Which sort of fuck up is this? I was just lamenting and murmuring to myself as I walked out of the building into the streets. Then I remembered that I had forgotten my phone at the babe’s place. One voice told me to leave the phone till tomorrow, another voice told me to go back for it. I don’t think I would like to see the babe the next day so I decided to go back. As I got to her door step, I gently opened the door and peeped inside. My people, what did I see?

The babe was lying on the bed stark naked with legs spread wide open. She positioned the OX propeller standing fan to blow breeze on her pussy. Then suddenly, she moved her hand to the sacred area and begin rub and moan o. Gosh, I must pound this girl tonight! I quietly entered the room and closed the door. She was so engrossed with self-mesmerizing her pussy that she didn’t notice as I entered the room. Oh jigbi jigbi! My head scattered. I quietly took of my clothes, tiptoe over the bed and jumped on her.

She jerked with shock as she saw me. I didn’t give her time to say anything… I slotted my joystick inside her hot pussy straight away. I must confess, I have never entered pussy that is as hot as hers. Her pussy gripped my dick like suction pipe. I begin pound o. The babe began to moan sweetly that I should marry her o… she love me o… I should I fuck her o… harder harder harder harder… she grabbed my bum bum pushed me deeper inside her and raise her legs to the ceiling. I pounded her so intensely that I didn’t even know when I poured out my holy water into her.

I wanted to rest a little but she would have none of it. She climbed me, shoved dick in and began to ride me. You know how it is like when someone is rides a bicycle fast? That was how she rode me. She was muttering and reciting all manners of rubbish… say she must born twins… her body is on fire… she want to die oh… then she suddenly grabbed my neck as if she wan strangle me… rode faster…then slumped on me and began to jerk as if she’s epileptic. I just thank my stars that she’s off. Otherwise, she could have strangled me finish like Christmas chicken.

After a while, I got up and switched on the light. A good part of the bed sheet was soaked up. She waved and said I should put off the light. I did, wore my clothes, picked my phone, kissed her good night and happily dashed home.

I learnt one big lesson that day. When it comes to women, or in life generally, never give up, don’t press too hard and behind every disappointment, there is surely a blessing.




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