Why Men Womanize

Why Men Womanize by Steve Owen
Why Men Womanize
Why Men Womanize by Steve Owen
Why Men Womanize

Though much attention and diatribe is focused on the subject, no one seems to care about or they just choose to ignore the motives and reasons that make the men who womanize to do so.

Loaded with a suave of narration and hilarious captivating drama, the book is especially loaded with the motives that make men to womanize, process, gains and side effects associated with womanizing.

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Table of Contents


  1. Singh
  2. Oscar
  3. Beye
  4. Gold
  5. Singh
  6. Oscar
  7. Beye
  8. Gold
  9. Oscar
  10. Singh
  11. Beye
  12. Gold
  13. Oscar
  14. Singh
  15. Beye
  16. Gold


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  1. Singh


Somewhere in New Delhi…


Welcome to my office. Can I help you? Please have your seat.

Hmmm… where do I start from? Okay. I am the P.R.O of the company. To be a public relations guy is very sweet. I have all manners of people, mostly women with different curvy ass shapes trooping in and out of my office. As they get up to go, and turn their back at me, I get to see a good number of different butt shapes daily.

Just like bankers come in contact with lots of cash every day, my job requires I bump into a lot of women too… or rather, they bump into me. Now I get a female visitor, next minute another visitor, next and next and next visitors are all women. Makes you wonder, where are the men? Why am do I get mostly only female visitors? I don’t know and I don’t care. I must however admit that a lot more women are surging into corporate environment. If care isn’t taken soon, they’ll take over everywhere and relegate the men to doing manual jobs for them. And that will be very unfortunate.

Well, that’s not my concern though because it somehow works to my advantage. Women like men with jobs as fish likes water. A jobless man would have a hard time convincing even an ugly girl to date him; but you’ll see ten beautiful ladies fighting over a man simply because he’s got a salaried job. So the more jobless men out there, the better for me; the more women the offices employ, the more pussies I get to bang. Isn’t that cool?

So here we go. The more ladies that flock into my office, the more I am tempted to touch. Is it possible for a man to receive over twenty female visitors daily and not do anything about them? Mehn… It’s very hard. When I started out, I maintained a plain face. I behaved like a Chitti in Sana’s women only home… until one day… I got this breathtaking visitor.


Oh my, she’s a goddess… very beautiful with perfect boobs. The way she spoke… I thought Rihana was singing. When she got up to leave and I saw her ass in a panty hose, before she got to the door, I flew out of my seat, jumped over this table and grabbed her waist from behind. Surprisingly, she didn’t shout. She just looked at me with ice cool eyes. I kissed her… kissed her… kissed her… pressed her boobs… smooched her bum… we fucked right in this office.

I didn’t even lock the door. If someone had bumped when we were at it, my job would be out there in the trash can. But curiously, nobody came in. I took it as an omen that Krishna has blessed my job with lots of beautiful women as icing on the cake. So as time goes on, If I get a fancy female visitor, I would giggle and wink at her… you know those signs… If a lady returns my gestures, that’s good. If she doesn’t, I don’t bother her. Why should I? The percentage of those who reply is far greater than those who don’t… say 60-40. I’m more than okay with the sixty percent and most of them keep coming back for more and more… (There is a knock on the door. Singh adjusts himself) Yes… come in.

(A young lady with a large brown envelope enters the office and takes a seat. Singh looks at her flirtingly.)

Singh: You look gorgeous.

Shreya: Thank you… I’ve brought my credentials… (hands over the envelope to Singh)

Singh: Well… lemme see… Hmmm… high school… diploma… what certificate is this?

Shreya: Oh… that was from a course I did on telemarketing.

Singh: Really? Nice… (tucks the documents back into the envelope and put in in his drawer)

Shreya: I hope it is enough to get me the job.

Singh: Sure. But you’ll still have to go through the Human Resources. Don’t worry about that. I’ll take care of that for you if you can meet the… conditions (winks).

Shreya: Of course I can meet it. I just need the job badly. When am I going to be interviewed?

Singh: There wouldn’t be any need for interview since I’ll be recommending you for the job. I’ll just poke the HR to fill you in.

Shreya: Thank you. So when can we meet to check out the conditions?

Singh: Maybe… weekend… Saturday evening…

Shreya: (Breathing heavily) Okay… I get it…

Singh: Is anything wrong?

Shreya: Nothing. I think I’ll be going now.

Singh: Alright, I will give you a call.

Shreya: Okay. (gets up)

Singh: If you don’t mind me saying it… please take good care of your jugs for me (winks)

Shreya: (Embarrassed) Okay… (draws her shirt to cover her exposed cleavage)

Singh: Okay… bye.

(Shreya exits. Singh stares at the door with his head cocked for a while, turns to the camera and burst into laughter)


Hahahahahahaha… I just got another one. I told you it’s sweet to be a public relations officer. That girl came here some time ago to make enquiries about the company’s products. Then she stylishly asked if we had any vacancy. I said… sure… yes… And I can help her get the job if she can meet my conditions. Guess what the condition is? (Wink) I’m very sure you know it. If she is very good at it, I will influence the HR to ring her into our distributor’s list. Otherwise, that’s the last day I’m going to see her.

(Soberly) Huh… Huh? What’s wrong? I’m not doing anything wrong here. This is a matter between two consenting adults. I told her what I want and she agreed so what’s wrong with that? If she’s good in bed, I’m gonna help her get the job and make her my unofficial girlfriend… I’m helping her out… you heard it yourself when she said she needs a job badly. I’m just trying to be a good Samaritan.

(As if in an argument) What’s the heck? I said it’s no big deal. She’s got a boyfriend who she gives her pussy to free of charge… so what is wrong with if I help her and get the job and eat her pussy? If you think I shouldn’t eat her pussy, then tell her to go meet her boyfriend for a job… (There is a knock on the door) Please come in…

Maya: Hi Mr. Singh…

Singh: Wow… Maya… you back in town?

Maya: Yes… I’ve sold out my stock so I’m back to get some more. How’re you doing Mr. Bad boy?

Singh: I’m fine Madam Kamasutra.

Maya: Hahahahaha… I missed you. Do you miss me?

Singh: I missed you very much. I’m so happy you’re back.

Maya: So why didn’t you call me?

Singh: You know the nature of my job… I’ve been really busy.

Maya: I’m very tired too. Maybe we should go and chill out.

Singh: Chill out where?

Maya: You know it’s already late so I won’t be going Hyperabad today.

Singh: Oh… What’s the time? Thirty minutes to closing time… so I’m free. Where’re you sleeping over?

Maya: Radison Blu.

Singh: Whoa… (begins to clear his desk) dammn… let’s go and have fun.

(They both exit the office. At the reception, Singh mumbles some inaudible words at the secretary and exits the company with Maya. At the car park, they get into Singh’s car and drive off.)


Radison Blu Hotel, New Delhi

(At the reception, Maya retrieves her key and they head to her room with Singh walking behind her like a subordinate. Once inside, Singh grabs her and they began a hot kissing session. Maya pushes him away and runs to the fridge to get wine while Singh peels off his clothes. He sits on the bed while Maya serves him. After rushing their drink, Maya flings the cup in the air, pulls off her gowns and leaps atop Singh…)



On His Way Home…


Damn… I really enjoyed that woman. In case you’re wondering who she is, she’s one of the company’s customers. The first time I tried my move on her, she was very hostile… threatened to report e to my boss. I had to beg her to hush. I don’t expect to see her again but the next time she came to buy stocks, she stopped at my office and was making all those come-and-get-me gestures. That’s how I nailed her. She is married with two kids. Well, that’s between her and her husband.

Oh my gosh… that woman’s got ringtone. While I’m at it, she’ll be moaning out sweet melodies…


(Singh and Maya in scissors position…)

Maya: Ha ha ha ha…

Hey hey hey hey…

Ho ho ho ho…


If you think it is only married men that cheat, you’re very wrong. I mostly deal with working class people. Most of the women I bang are married women. I wonder what’s wrong with their husbands. Take Maya for example, you have a beautiful, intelligent and sexy wife at home and you can’t service her as at when due… I don’t understand. Maybe her husband has got erectile problems. That’s good, at least, for me.

Did you just say something about karma? Please forget about that stupid bitch. If a woman gives you green light and did not accept it because you’re thinking of karma, then you’re on a very long thing. Letting a willing woman pass you by because you’re afraid of karma does not guarantee that another man will not toast your wife and she won’t fall for him, especially if he is well loaded with cash and sugar coated lips. Karma or no karma, women will always be women.

(Singh drives into the parking lot, locks the car and walks lazily to his flat. He uses his key to open the door but it’s still locked from inside. He knocks and leans on the door tiredly. The door turns open a bit. Singh opens it and wider, enter the house and locks the door. He turns to see his wife staring at him.)

Singh: Hi honey… I’m back.

Anjali: (Retorts) What’s the time? Haven’t I told you to stop late night crawling?

Singh: I know I promised to be home on time but I had a very hectic day at work today. (Hug and pecks her on the cheek) How’s baby doing?

Anjali: Who’s got that perfume?

Singh: Perfume? (sniffs his shirt) Perfume… there’s no perfume on my shirt…

Anjali: On your body.

Singh: Maybe it’s my body odor.

Anjali: Singh…

Singh: What? Oh… please don’t start another argument again. I’ll just take a shower and everything’s clear. Okay?

Anjali: Hmmm… Okay.

Singh: Hope you’ve got dinner set cos I’m very hungry.

Anjali: Just go bath.

(Singh goes straight to the bathroom, takes off his clothes and sniffs his arm.)


Holy smokey… Maya’s got not only ringtone, she’s got perfume too. Women! They’re always possessive. I better bath and go eat. After three rounds, I’m so famished. If not for the little strength left in me, I’ll have slept over at the hotel. (He opens the shower and begins to bath. As if he hears a strange sound, he turns off the shower and frowns arms akimbo)

You were saying something about fidelity? Fidelity my pale bottom! Can’t you see she’s heavily pregnant? Seven months pregnant. In the place I come from, it’s a taboo to have sex with pregnant women… hahahahahaha.

(Soberly) Honestly, I never meant to cheat on my wife. When she got pregnant, her hormones shot up and virtually everything I do irritates her. At the time, she said sex felt like I was poking a thousand pins into her. So I decided to use those women to service my rod. Though she’s okay with sex now but I’m not just comfortable banging her with her heavy tummy so we only do it once in a while. Once she’s delivered, I’ll try to stop and focus on my family… hmmm.

Talk is cheap. You know… infidelity is like hard drugs. They more you go into it; the harder it is to pull back. I’m being honest here. I’ll try my best to stop but if I don’t stop… it’s not my fault. Hmmm… whose fault is it? I don’t know. Once you start going out with women, you begin to find it hard to accept responsibility… excuses becomes the order of the day. But that doesn’t mean I’m an irresponsible person, am I? I better go eat before hunger whops me to death. See you later.

(Singh wraps on a towel and rushes to the dining table where he begins to hungrily eat his food.)


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