PDP Unveils New Party Plan Ahead of 2019

PDP Unveils New Party Plan Ahead of 2019
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The  Sen. Ahmed Makarfi-led faction of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will maintain same party name, Prof. Jerry Gana, has said.

PDP Unveils New Party Plan Ahead of 2019
Peoples Democratic Party PDP Logo

While talking to News men after a committee meeting,  Prof. Gana said that the PDP relationship with other political parties would be based on principle and cleared ‎guidelines.

He said: “on the progress of the alliance, I will not like to give details of what is being recommended, but the PDP is desirous of attracting all lovers of democracy across the country as we move forward.

“There are details I cannot divulge at the moment because the committee’s recommendations will be passed on to the party leadership. It will not be wise to disclose the details before we submit the report

“On the issue of mega party, we are not yet aware of PDP involvement, but all we can say is that the party wants to relate with lovers of democracy in all the parties.

“We have a syndicate committee working on this and the chairman of the committee is  former Deputy Senate President, Ibrahim Mantu.

“They will be giving  us the guidelines for any re-alignment plan and the number of parties that are willing to join us. and Our engagement will be based on principle and cleared ‎guidelines.

“PDP is the only party that can be found in every ward, it is the only party that has not changed its name, and we are not going to change the name of our party.”

Prof. Gana said that the committee will come up with recommendations that would help to re-position and strengthen the party. He called on lovers of democracy in the country to rise up against what he described as degeneration of democratic and electoral process gained during PDP administration.

“Democracy in Nigeria is under threat and we must rise and defend democracy, because that is the best form of government for humanity now.

“This is not the age for military rule or autocracy. In democracy, there must be freedom of voters to choose freely, peacefully, in a free and fair election that is credible,’’ he said.

He concluded that committee would reconvene in the middle of January 2017 to continue on its deliberations. The committee was inaugurated on Nov. 8 by Sen. Makarfi was given three months to submit its report and it has among other mandates expected to map out strategy how the PDP would reclaim power in 2019 through democratic means.