MUSIC DOWNLOAD: My Lady by Austin White

MUSIC DOWNLOAD: My Lady by Austin White
My Lady by Austin White

Play & download music, “My Lady by Austin White”. Austin White’s latest music, My Lady is available for download in mp3 and all audio file formats for free.

MUSIC DOWNLOAD: My Lady by Austin White
Austin White

My Lady

My Lady is the first ever single by Austin White.

Afro pop singer, Austin White, officially releases his debut single/music. Austin White is a 24-year old banker, who lives in LasGidi, currently signed to That Calabar Girl (TCG) Entertainment.

Austin White hopped on the beat produced by SmoothSound, and it first streamed on Alibaba Gist earlier today.

We asked Austin White:

With all your educational background, why music?

Austin White replied by saying:

I guess we all have a talent and a hobbie. Music is Life, music is a what I love and with music I can touch the lives of so many. THE SONG is dedicated to my girlfriend.

Wow! And yes, you heard it from Austin White, music is life. The people of Alibaba Gist agrees too. 🙂

Guess who is a fan of Austin White? Me! The Alibaba Gist Team is humming it to My Lady over here.


Enough talking, consume the piece and drop your comments on this highly romactic tune.

Austin White